Aurelio Salon is Coming to Toms River!

A stir of excitement and surprise passed through the staff of Aurelio Salon in Howell NJ as Daisy Rosania, Senior Director of Aurelio Salon, announced, at Thursday’s salon celebration, that Aurelio salon will be opening a second location in Toms River.  For the past year the company has been looking to expand and has been involved in several negotiations that did not pan out.  About two months ago the company heard that a Bella Capelli Salon, 1580 Lakewood Rd (AKA Highway 9) in Toms River went out of business and the location was available.  After about 2 months of intense negotiations a deal was made.  Aurelio Salon begins its construction and transformation of the salon on August 6  with an expected opening in September. It’s gold to to become one of Toms River Best Salons!

Application are currently being taken for Stylist, Receptionists, Estheticians, Shampoo Assistants.  Call Aurelio Salon in Howell to Apply 732-303-0052.   

 Aurelio Salon Toms River will hold the honor of being a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon and will be a team of professional licensed cosmetologists who are are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent salon and spa services as well as quality products. “It’s not just a haircut it’s a Hair Experience!”   At the Salon the guests experience is their top priority! On arrival, guest will be invited to sit and relax in our cafe style waiting area. While they relax, they can peruse our menu of services designed for his or her needs. The salon will hosts 6-8 Hair design stations, a color bar, facial room as well as a waxing (hair removal) room

Revitalize your Hair with Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul Mitchell

Are you looking to revitalize those beautiful locks this summer? Are you tired of dry and damaged hair that seems next to impossible to reverse? Aurelio Salon has the perfect treatment system specially designed just for your needs and desires. Our beauty award winner, Awapuhi Wild Ginger has captured the hearts of millions of people since its release in 2010, after 30 years in the making. Awapuhi Wild Ginger comes from the captivating island of Hawaii and grows from the Awapuhi Ginger plant. Each plant is harvested and processed by hand with special care to preserve its hydrating properties. Awapuhi Wild Ginger contains keratin fibers derived from New Zealand’s sheep wool. (The sheep are never harmed during the shearing process). With the combination of the Awapuhi Ginger plant and the keratin fibers from the sheep wool, one of the world’s greatest products was created. Awapuhi Wild ginger has many great and noticeable benefits that lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Not only does it rebuild and repair 80% of the damage in your hair, but it also intensifies your color by 67%, and enhances your shine by 35%. This amazing line has UVA and UVB protectants to prevent color fading from the sun and is also 100% sulfate free. This 10 minute process is not only ultra-lightweight, but it also has the ability to tame your wildest frizz. So now that you know what the buzz is all about, what is stopping you from trying this amazing line that everyone swears by? Come in today and be the next guest to have Awapuhi wild ginger capture your heart.
Paul Mitchell Stylist, Brittany Rose

Awapuhi Wild Ginger now at Aurelio Salon

Summer Hair: Color dipped ends

Summer Hair!   Spice up your summer locks with a pop of color! The new trend of the season is color dipped ends. From hot pink to rainbow, you can express your individuality with any color imaginable.  With the trend booming the BIG questions are, “Would it look good? “ “How would I pick the right shade?” “What if I hate it?” And most importantly: Could a real person (who has to go to work at a real office or normal job) actually do this? And the answer to all those questions is YES a real person in an everyday job can get away with it. Your stylist can fit and customize any shade to fit you and even your profession. On the possibility of “hating it” the color is not only easy to get rid of by cutting the hair but also very easy to cover with color.

However, as a rule of thumb, blondes looks best in hues like pink, blue, and purple, brunettes take in red, purple, and green tones best, and red-heads can pull off more unusual shades like yellow, orange, and teal. Here at Aurelio Salon we have many color options for our guests with our ink burning technique.  Come check us out!

Summer Hair Color Dipped ends

Aurelio Hair Salon GK Hair Taming Launch Party, Howell NJ

Aurelio Hair Salon GK Hair Taming Launch Party! Wednesday June 27, 2012, Howell NJ   Clients & Stylists alike flocked to Aurelio Hair Salon and Spa at 2225 Highway 9, Howell NJ to Attend our Exclusive GK Hair Taming Launching Event last night with one thing in mind: Smoother, Healthier, Shinier, Better Hair, basically Great Hair. That goal was not only achieved but surpassed. By the end of the event 18 clients/friends walked out with amazing looking hair thanks to our highly trained staff.

[caption id=”attachment_634” align=”aligncenter” width=”258”]Aurelio Hair Salon GK Hair Taming Launch Party, Howell NJ Aurelio Hair Salon GK Hair Taming Launch Party, Howell NJ[/caption]

Now, to start at the beginning our GK Taming Service is around $24999 with any extra ounce at $25, yesterday evening the price was $18999only for this specific event with extra ounces included. Ladies from all over the area met with our charming GK Representative, Pete & their personal favorites of the Aurelio Salon Team to mingle and meander amongst friends; upon arrival guests were greeted by our ever-so-wonderful staff of professionals, along with fine drinks, h’orderves, and more than entertaining conversation. Attendees of the private event left visibly changed, both with their hair & with their spirit.

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Having manageable hair is such a desired feature that women & men alike run rampant for anything that professes improvement. BUT, not everything that shows improvement actually gives improvement, with GK you are not only getting a Great, Healthy “looking” head of hair, you’re actually getting those things from this Taming System. Why; because it’s derived from natural substances, not chemical.  GK uses something found in sheep’s wool called Juvexin, a special blend of proteins and peptides made specifically to enhance hair, using virtually no formaldehyde. “Juvexin has been developed specifically to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is used in all GKhair products…” Beat that.

Aurelio Salon will be at Howell day!

Aurelio Salon will be at the 40th Anniversary of Howell day! Today, Saturday, July 7 2012 at Oak  Glen Park there will be Vendors, Rides, Music, Food, and fun!

Stop by our tent! Meet our staff! Our staff will be on hand to provide give you the latest hair tips or if you want have them add a few Hair Extensions, Feathers, Hair Jewels, or a Great Braid.  We also will have some great deals on Paul Mitchell Products.

The town has a lot planned for the day.  Magic 100.1 will be on hand to provide music from 2-5 but at 3 the Eddie Testa band take the stage. From 5 -7 New Jesrsy 101.5 will be there with Ray the prize Guy and the Big yellow band.  At 7 the Nerds will take the stage till 8:30 for a free concert.  All ending in a Movie in the Park.

Shuttle Buses Available at the Aldrich Park & Ride, Middle School North and Howell High School For More Information Contact 732-938-4500 ext. 2106

Summer is here and now is the time to protect your skin!!!

Summer is here and now is the time to protect your skin!!!

The reasons why it is so important to use sun protection, first is the prevention of skin cancer. The rate at which people are finding out they have it is astronomical… the damage we already have done when we were  younger will forever be there, But from this day forward if you protect your skin. You will be helping yourself in the long run from any more sun damage or even pre-mature wrinkles. No sun burn is worth the damage it causes!! Yes you might end up with a great sun kissed tan all golden brown and then 5, 10 and 20 years later you will be sorry for the damage that pretty tan cost you.  Stop now, and go with airbrush tans and self- tanner.  It’s safe and non- toxic for you and your skin.

Always put on sunblock or SPF before leaving your home, anytime during the day… This is one of the only ways to help prevent pre-mature aging and environmental damage…. Also try to be diligent with exfoliating your skin, face & body at least 2-3 times a week and don’t forget the moisturizer after shower or whenever you have had sun exposure!! This will help with the prevention of dry, flaky and itchy skin too ;)

So STOP laying out with oil and soaking up those summer rays!! Go for clean, healthy, glowing and natural skin for today, tomorrow and always!!!

Lazy days of Summer

Lazy days of summer are full of great times with friends and family with sand between our toes and sun blazing. It’s the time when lifelong memories are made and relationships bond. Or better yet having the breeze of the ocean as we sail along our shores. With all this fun, we tend to forget about what these elements do to our skin and hair.

Here at Aurelio Salon and Spa, we’re here to help. Come in and get one of our wonderful Rituals we offer in our Lather Room. These rituals will moisturize, revitalize and energize you. Each Ritual comes with our great shampoo experience, scalp message, Ritual element and hot towel treatment. Call today and get in for these wonderful treatments, all for $29.99.

Defeat the heat and turn back time with our professional skin care line Cures. Protect your skin from the summer UVA (aging) & UVB (burning) rays with our Vitamin C serum! Our Daily anti-aging moisturizer will help replenish and hydrate dry or sun damaged skin. Also, remember that hydrating isn’t effective unless you properly exfoliate, ask about our Microdermabrasion, A deep physical exfoliate machine, that removes dead skin cells and allows new skin to the surface and be treated.

Before you leave the salon we’ll set you up with Awapuhi Moisture Mist take home product that you can use on the go. Awapuhi Moisture Mist will moisture and refresh your locks and skin from the beach and sun. Just mist your hair or skin for anytime. For added refreshing place the product in the freezer for a few.
Have fun and enjoy these “Lazy Days of Summer” with confidence.

Elaine and Ashlee K

Wedding Hair and Makeup

There is nothing more fun at Aurleio Salon than a wedding The romance, the excitement, the dress and, most important, the wedding hairstyle and Makeup. Remember the wedding photos will last forever and so will our work!

Our stylists who do weddings know that there are rules. Wedding hair is NOT prom hair. (Some seem to be under the impression that an “up-do is an up-do,” but this isn’t the case – wedding hair requires finesse.) Of course, the wedding hair planning should start the minute the dress is purchased. Right after the Bride and her stylist have screamed in delight over the ring, both  will need to get to work.

1 Stop in and sit with our wedding coordinator. Plan for about 30 minutes.  They will walk the bride through the process,  Explain the different packages we have at the salon, schedule the trials and book her appointment on the wedding day.  At this time our stylists will hear the bride’s idea of how she wants to look on her wedding day. Look at the photos of her dress and plan the ideal hair. Strapless dresses lend themselves to longer styles and higher necklines tend to prefer up-dos to show the detail of the dress. The hair should complement the entire ensemble, not compete with it. Some things we have to plan and consider will be whether or not the bride will want to grow her hair out or get extensions for her big day. Hair color will also be discussed at length. Order hair extensions.  Most brides look best in their natural hair color or a color enhanced version of the original. All these details are important to achieve the right look. Either way, there are many considerations for the big day.

2 The Trial Hair and Makeup. After the dress is purchased or at least two months prior to the wedding the Bride should bring: Photos of dream hair, photos of wedding dress, her veil or headpiece, any hair ornaments she wants to use in her wedding hair and a camera.  She should plan about hour for hair for hair and 30 min to an hour for makeup.  With this all this in mind, our stylists will begin to casually style the brides hair into her ideas to get a visual. They will then arranged the hair in its final completed form with all the hair baubles in place so the bride can see exactly what she will look like on her big day. This hair is not meant to stay up or last. It is only a trial.

The bride will want to do this BEFORE the wedding so the wedding day is easy and stress-free. Make any changes she needs to and prefect the style! At this time our stylists and makeup artists will discuss and observe any color issues that might come up and make notes. Also make any changes needed  Anything that is placed in the hair will also need to be taken out without destroying the hairstyle. How high will the hair be? Will it need to be taken down at any time during the night? Are you getting lash extensions?  Our stylists have to consider the things that the bride cannot see coming.

3 Just before the wedding Chemicals and Cut.   About week before the wedding date the bride should have an Hair appointment.  This is where our stylist will color the brides hair as needed, that includes highlights, color, glossing treatments, deep conditioning treatments, adding extensions (depending on the type of extensions)  We also recommend a conditioner/glossing treatment to the hair to give it that healthy shine and feel for every bride.  This appointment will finalize the  hair shaping and any chemical services required to create the most beautiful wedding hairstyle ever.  Our stylists may even suggest fresh salon hairstyle, but will not give her a style that looks anything like what she will be wearing down the aisle. Her wedding hair will be new and never seen, like the dress.

The Wedding Day  The bride has a lot to and we are going to give her one less thing and that is not to wash her hair that morning if the hair will be styled in an up-do. Freshly washed hair can be too slippery to hold pins. She is to wear a button down shirt or robe so the shirt is not pulled over the freshly style hair.  Her appointment was scheduled to get her out on time so she should arrive 15 min early with her veil or headpiece and any hair ornaments.  Then sit back and enjoy the experience

braid, brunette, cool, cute, dark hair

Paul Mitchell Blonde now at Aurleio Salon!

Indulge your blonde moments with Paul Mitchell Blonde
Whether you crave a subtle golden glow or a starlet-inspired shade of platinum, Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color delivers healthy, conditioned results with luminous shine.
Ask your Aurelio Salon stylist to mix up a brilliant blonde shade, just for you.

Paul Mitchell Blonde Shampoo BRIGHTENS AND ENHANCES BLONDE, GRAY OR WHITE HAIR Brightens - Cool violet pigments help to brighten and/or enhance blonde, gray or white hair while neutralizing yellow tones. Hydrates and Adds Shine - A powerful combination of conditioning agents and extracts provides ample moisture and intensified shine. Gently Cleanses - Mild ingredients cleanse while retaining moisture and softening the hair.

Paul Mitchell Blonde


Paul Mitchell came out with another great product that we can not keep on the shelves! It is Paul Mitchell SUN!

Paul Mitchell Sun contains a Solar veil Complex that is the perfect for the upcoming summer! An people love it our salon has ordered 10 cases of it and they were sold by the end of the week!  Our distribute has been scrambling to keep.  Sources at Paul Mitchell state that after the beginning of July there is a good chance you will not be able to get it. Hopefully Paul Mitchell will continue to release this great line next summer and not let it be a one and done deal.

Paul Mitchell Sun Products!

SolarVeil™ Complex

  • SolarVeil Complex, a powerful blend of sunflower extract and highly active UV absorbers, shields fragile strands from damaging UVA and UVB rays
  • Helps lock in hair color and prevent fading to keep strands vibrant
  • Features an Island Passion Flower scent inspired by the tropics
Sun Recovery
Hydrating Shampoo™
  • Sulfate-free lather nourishes sun-struck strands and helps lock in hair color
  • Leaves parched hair soft and silky
  • Features SolarVeil Complex
Replenishing Masque™
  • Helps guard locks from UV rays and prevent color fade
  • Use it as an indulgent treat before, during and after a day in the sun
  • Features SolarVeil Complex
Sun Shield
Conditioning Spray™
  • This poolside companion provides UV protection for fragile strands
  • Spritz throughout the day to instantly soften hair, add brilliance and maintain vibrant, shiny hair color
  • Features SolarVeil Complex